Managerial Phenomenology” is a wonderful opportunity to experience a new, original and compelling training course that, drawing from the tasting of great Italian wines and from the art of cooking as a metaphor of relational and business communication dynamics, will lead participants in the testing and development of sophisticated
perceptual sensitivity, new communication skills, to engage, enthuse and touch, to maximize the effectiveness of relationships with customers. The training event will:

  • develop skills of perception and insight to grasp, recognize and distinguish both “weak signals” and the most authentic sense that wine arouses in us
  • decode and communicate the profound meaning of what we perceive and feel
  • open up to new interpretation possibilities and, therefore, to different and unusual scenarios and communication styles
  • communicate in an emotionally intelligent and engaging way, to give value to the message and make it coherent, functional and effective for the objective to be achieved
  • engage people to achieve shared goals
  • increase the capacity to transmit and receive stimuli and energy from the group
  • fully unleash individuals’ positive and creative energy, helping to strengthen team spirit and team cohesion


Learning contents are related to the following topics:

  • What is wine?
  • Winemaking in brief
  • Winetasting
  • What is a sommelier?
  • Describing wine: the metaphor of corporate communication
  • Wine and Food: communication and customer experience