The experiential model, lasting 16 hours, through a process of awareness, testing “on the field”, reflection and learning, will enable participants who are duly assisted by trainers, to “put into effect” and to sublimate the value, cognitive and emotional spheres, where membership of a team stimulates the search for a common goal, creating constraints, exercising and enhancing personal relationships in an evocative, engaging and highly participatory setting.
Processes of creation and consolidation of personal relationships will be facilitated because the setting of activities is built around the dynamic of games, a space of interaction where each participant can freely express himself/herself and exchange his/her views on things, events and people in a more deconditioned way with respect to the possibility that a participant can express himself/herself in a classic management training course. Using the metaphor of rugby, allows you to transpose team building skills, motivation and leadership assets to the business environment.


During the course the following themes are tackled:

  • results-oriented approach, to focus on the most common and challenging objectives to be pursued and  ambitious results to be achieved;
  • confidence, expertise and respect of roles and schemes to aliment positive relationship dynamics, based on mutual respect, essential to face business challenges and achieve business goals;
  • make group decisions and build  group consensus;
  • test oneself on group and individual problem solving;
  • re-reading of one’s environment through an approach to collect stimuli, ideas and new requests;
  • development of personal energy, self-confidence, initiative and willingness to put oneself to the test