Personal and Company Empowerment

Personal and Company Empowerment


The initiative aims to provide participants with an innovative approach to reflect on the concept of individual responsibility and organizational effectiveness in order to be able to generate new ideas and new points of view also to deal with change especially in times of crisis.

The training will enable participants to focus on:

  • self empowerment, as personal- professional empowerment to use one’s ability, resources, energy and potential to the best
  • company  empowerment as the development of energy, vitality, participation, responsibility and innovation prevalent in the organization.

The strategies and techniques taught derive from the study and analysis of the “formae mindset” of the great masters of music or art, in order to allow one to “snapshot” and “crystallize” specific performance, gaining effective strategies applicable to leadership and to management, to successfully face the typical problems of business environments, also linked to governing uncertainty.


The initiative helps to consolidate and enhance one’s skills by:

  • listening to and analysing musical compositions (reference models: Bach – Mozart – Brahms – Charlie Parker)
  • extracting  strategies and behaviour from their ways of thinking that apply to participants’ professional activity (e.g.: learning strategies from Bach to define well formulated objectives, from Mozart to encourage change, from Brahms to evolve and transform activities, from Charlie Parker to manage unforeseen events).
  • the use of innovative techniques and energy balancing, adopted in empowering musical performance, to facilitate their implementation in a company setting.