GOLF MANAGEMENT TRAINING: Meet your managerial challenge with “GREENta”

GOLF MANAGEMENT TRAINING: Meet your managerial challenge with “GREENta”


Golf Management Training is a unique, innovative learning experience that draws on golf to foster a process to improve the effectiveness of individual managers, increasing:

  • determination to overcome obstacles
  • ability to focus on objectives
  • visioning on personal successes and failures
  • commitment to physical fitness and mental concentration

The sporting event of golf represents a metaphor of a personal challenge to reach an ambitious goal. The analogy with the world of sport, intended as a model of ethical values to be pursued and behaviour to use to reach objectives, represents for managers, an invitation to play their own professional game with “GREENta” (grit) and competitive spirit.


The course covers themes such as:

  • Know and contextualize the rules and peculiarities of golf;
  • Focus on the metaphor of the corporate world;
  • Take an initial individual test;
  • Debriefing to focus on what has been learnt and should be applied in the work place;
  • Second session of team tests;
  • Precision and attention to detail;
  • Giving and receiving feedback;
  • Determination and practicality;
  • Motivation and goal orientation;
  • Debriefing to focus on aspects of motivation and team working