Success and competitiveness will depend on the ability to assert and sustain a solid competitive advantage over time. The modern manager has to deal with a continually changing environment that requires mastership of good skills to manage uncertainty with medium-long term planning to manage complexities.
“Challenges at high altitude” is, therefore, a wonderful opportunity to experience leadership, anchoring it to an integral professionalism based on awareness of one’s role, adaptation, stress management, vision and planning, team-work, motivation, sense of equilibrium, developing these qualities through a process of testing, self-awareness, reflection and learning


Mountain Climbing is an activity where you need to deal with the ability to plan and organize your route, focusing your resources to fulfil an ambitious and challenging objective, in order to improve the ability to use to the utmost one’s mental and physical energies to maintain an excellent inner equilibrium, develop positivity, flexibility, ensuring a high level of motivation in achieving shared objectives.

The module will enable managers to monitor:

  • planning and preparation as elements of success
  • the challenge of objectives
  • management of contingencies and difficulties
  • successes and failures
  • the definition of an individual improvement plan

An Orientation Race is, however, a course in which teams are called to race each other finding the best route to follow. Team members will find themselves outside their comfort zone having to make decisions and have to find the right reference points in an environment that is unknown to most of them.

This module allows managers to:

  • Reinforce vision
  • Improve decision-making in uncertain conditions
  • Manage change (from “doing” to “accomplishing”)
  • Plan rigorously and effectively (objectives – strategies – programs)
  • Foster team working processes and integration of experience and expertise