The training event, proposed in the wild nature of Stintino, is an outdoor training, multidisciplinary experience divided into exciting and engaging challenges, such as:

  1. Off-roading, to face risks, manage complexity and overcome difficult and unpredictable situations, act quickly, practically and in an objective orientated way. The teaching module will allow managers to: reinforce vision; improve decision-making processes in conditions of uncertainty; manage change (from “doing” to “achieving”); plan rigorously and effectively (objectives – strategies – programs); Favour team working processes and promote integration of experience and skills
  2. Archery, to enhance the ability to focus on objectives, improve mental concentration by using one’s mental and physical energy in the best possible way to maintain excellent inner equilibrium and develop positiveness and flexibility
  3. Mountain Bike Treasure Hunt, to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, manage physical efforts and one’s resistance, within the time variable.

The Adventure Island course is a wonderful opportunity to experience leadership, anchoring it to an integral professionalism based on awareness of one’s role, adaptation, driving energy, motivation, sense of equilibrium, developing these qualities through an experiential training process aiming to direct testing, self-awareness, reflection and learning.


The training event intends to increase the awareness of your skills and the behaviour required to manifest them, to identify elements that can allow you to excel both personally and professionally.

The analogy with the world of sport, intended as a model of ethical values to be pursued and behaviour to apply on the basis of goals to be achieved, will represent an opportunity for managers to analysethemselves, understand the elements that may hinder their full potential and enhance qualities and personal energies on the field, focusing on objectives to be achieved.