The “Navaltech” project aims to develop Information Communication Technology in the shipbuilding field and its auxiliary businesses to provide continuous training activities for employees and managers to develop and innovate reference sector production processes and organizational models.
The intervention was for at the following types of beneficiaries:

  • shipbuilding sector and auxiliary industries workers in project partner countries (Spain, Italy, Greece, Great Britain);
  • workers responsible for company organization and management and owners of SMEs;
  • unemployed men and women over 45 linked in some way to the shipbuilding industry.


Promoted by Foro Maritimo Vasco for the Leonardo da Vinci programme, Pilot Projects, I. D. code: E/02/F/PP/115.847


Foro Maritimo Vasco (ES)

Izar Constructiones Navales S.A. Astillero de Sestao (ES)

Comité de Impresa, IDEC SA (GR)

E & L Instruments Ltd (UK)

Fondo Formacion (ES)

CONFORM – Consorzio Formazione Manageriale (IT)


The national and international partners of the Navaltech project developed:

  • a diagnostic report with profiles with the largest impact in the field of marine engineering;
  • a CD ROM on business management and production areas, in shipbuilding and auxiliary industries.