The “QuAss-Quality Assurance” project had two main objectives:

  • to provide input to improve the quality of systems and practices in the field of education and vocational training;
  • to define, test, validate and transnationally disseminate a series of quality indicators to improve the ability of analysts and designers in Training Bodies to diagnose learning needs and propose updated, effective Training courses that ensure the acquisition of lacking skills.


Promoted by Conform for the LLP Leonardo da Vinci Programme- TOI projects, I.D code I/06/B/F/PP-154214


Conform-Consorzio Formazione Manageriale (IT)

Confindustria Padova (IT)

OBR Campania (IT)


Cifesal (ES)

Fesalc (ES)

Fundacion Laboral del Metal (ES)

Business Link Kent (UK)

North Devon College (UK)

Oxford Brookes Business School (UK)

Credij (FR)

GIP-FC-IP Clermont Ferrand (FR)

Fbb Gmbh (DE)

Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz (PL)

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Access to the virtual Training Agency, with the Manager’s office, the Needs analysis office, the Design office, the Didactics office, Monitoring and evaluation office, Activity Management office and Economic project control and accounting is only for authorized users.

In the private section, that can be navigated in the various partnership languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German and Polish), authorised staff working in training agencies can look at the online competence dictionaries developed, correlated to the “core processes” (needs analysis, design, training delivery and evaluation of learning) and to “support processes” (monitoring, organizational management, administrative and accounting activities, financial control and project reporting), as well as all course materials and operational tools organized to govern quality in work.

In addition, you can access the “virtual library”, where, the thematic areas contain important European documents on needs analysis, design, didactics and quality in training processes, that have been researched and cataloged.


To see some of the products developed during the QuAss project with the help of national and international partners:

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