CONFORM promotes the development of a “virtual” collaboration culture without ties to predefined hierarchies and organizational schemes, diffusing “social” behaviour to improve relationships and to contribute to business productivity, innovating languages and ways of learning for enterprises by facilitating the creation of learning communities based on internal communication systems, social innovation, education and knowledge management.

“Social Media Marketing” strategies and campaigns

to create strong company presence in social media according to the sector and objectives to be achieved by analyzing the competition, planning frequency of posting, opening company pages or fan pages, choosing tone and style to use in conversation, initiation, management and monitoring of targeted communication campaigns.

Conception and Design of Digital Brand Identity

the combination of graphic/communication aspects and elements that determine the perception and reputation of a brand

Design and implementation of:

emotional videos, viral videos, narrative videos, aerial video narratives, Reportages, Book trailers.

Media Relations and Digital PR adopting

techniques and tools to plan and implement internal and external information and awareness raising activities, for the positioning and image of the company, to organize events, to manage the press office and relationships with bloggers and influencers