The EUTRANEX (EUROPEAN TRAINING NETWORK OF EXCELLENCE) project aims to develop, share and disseminate a new approach to training, consisting of finding an international modus operandi, resulting from converging different methodologies that exist within the network.

This approach will be directed to identify and address skills gaps existing in SMEs and to encourage new employment and business development policies in depressed areas.

With the support of a team of trainers from organizations or Training Bnstitutions and Universities in Spain, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Poland, the partnership will carry out intensive research activity, awareness raising and dissemination, to identify a common vocational training model. In this sense, the international network, given the strategic importance of each partner in their respective academic training and production systems, guarantees roll out and significant impact of developed and shared training methodologies.

This information and operational network could extend to other public and private bodies to constantly exchange and investigate further best practices and to develop and share new training methodologies.


Promoted by Conform for the Leonardo Da Vinci – Transnational Networks projects – second phase of the 2000-2006 programme (EAC/15/02) I.D. code 2002/C117/06


CONFORM – Consorzio Formazione Manageriale (soggetto proponente)

Centro de investigación y formación de empresas, sal (Cifesal) – ES

Centro de investigación para el desarrollo research and development centre – ES

Cria s.l. – ES

Fundación PM40 – ES


GIP-FC-IP Clermont-Ferrand – FR

Institut Mediterraneen du Littoral (IML) – FR

Promojeunes 49 – FR

NTP-Group of Companies – UK

Oxford Brookes University Business School – UK

The Foundation for European Initiatives – UK

University of Stirling, Faculty of human sciences – UK

Favor – NL

Regional Development Agency Joint Stock Company – PL

Agef – DE

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The products created during the EUTRANEX Project with the help of national and international partners, include:

– research on the analysis of the state of the art of methods, techniques and tools used in each partner country in reference to the training value chain,

– the design of a people management and development model based on the skills needed to achieve results expected by companies.

These products can be accessed from the site: