CONFORM is a member of the Val-Databenc, in the DATABENC (Cultural Heritage High Technology District) project.

Its implementation, planned and desired mainly by the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II and the University of Salerno, was founded to fill a void in the Campania Region strategic planning on the cultural and environmental heritage, and on tourism and to focus attention on a poorly protected, undervalued and not at all disseminated heritage.

DATABENC S.c.a.r.l. incorporates three companies, each contributing according to its specific expertise in projects in the District.

In particular:


Con-Databenc, for conservation;

Tec-Databenc, for the development of ICT technologies;

Val-Databenc, of which Conform is a member, for valorisation.

CONFORM is a founding member of the Fondazione BeALab, constituted, along with some organisations of the ATS (Temporary Association) coherently with the provisions contained in the implementation of the  “Experimental Skills Development Centre for the financial- insurance sector” project.

The “BeALab – Banks and Insurance Laboratory” Foundation is based in Naples. It is not for profit and independent from all kinds of political, religious and trade union ideology and organisation. It aims to promote and implement a permanent system to highly qualify people, who may or may not be employed, to gradually and systematically improve the know-how of the financial and insurance sectors.