BPER - Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna S.p.a.

BPER Bank S.p.a. is the parent company of the BPER Group present in 18 regions with about 1,300 branches, 12,000 employees and 2 million customers.
The Institute can be found in 15 regions with 793 branches, and since September 2011 has been listed in the FTSE Mib index, the most significant stock index of the Italian Stock Exchange.
The goal of BPER Bank is to respond to the challenges of increasingly competitive markets, combining the strength of a leading national bank with real knowledge of the areas where customers live and work.
BPER Bank wants to be near people, businesses and communities to help them make the right choices, sharing risks and opportunities with them. This aspiration has guided the Institute since its inception and today is the spirit that looks to the future.
Responsibility, loyalty and pragmatism are the fundamental values that inspire BPER Bank’s “way of banking”, with the desire to promote household savings and business operations in every context.

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To learn more, visit the Bank’s website: www.bper.it

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BDS - Banco di Sardegna

The Banco di Sardegna S.p.A. is a corporation that has a long history of Sardinia.

It operates in the area with 392 branches, of which 358 are in Sardinia.

It is part of the BPER Group, one of the most important banking groups in Italy, that, with its federal structure groups nine local banks with about 1,300 branches in nearly all Italian regions.

The Banco di Sardegna SpA, as well as a banking company, embodies the pre-existing three Special Sections of medium-long-term credit (Agrario Fondiario, Finanziamento Opere Pubbliche) and the “Fondazione Banco di Sardegna”, in which the previous Public Law Institution continues to operate.

The Banco di Sardegna S.p.A. also controls the following sub-holdings:

  • Banca di Sassari
  • Numera
  • Sardaleasing
  • Tholos

For further information, please go the Bank’s website: www.bancosardegna.it


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Prism Consulting s.r.l

PRISM Consulting S.r.l is a training and consulting company, established in 2006, which has gained significant experience in:

  • the provision of vocational training, further and higher education, promoting, designing and implementing traditional and blended training projects/plans, to ensure the professional qualification of young people and updating/development of skills of employees, managers and entrepreneurs;
  • the design, creation and marketing of websites, self-directed learning environments, simulators, business games, cartoons, videos and multimedia products;
  • support to start up and develop new businesses;
  • organizational analysis with work-process mapping;
  • technical assistance to national and international companies and public and private institutions, to increase efficiency and competitiveness, supporting technological innovation of products/processes, internationalization and transnational cooperation.

To learn more, please see: www.prismsrl.it

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Progredior s.r.l

Progredior S.r.l aims to undertake activities in the field of consultancy and vocational training, training and development of a managerial and entrepreneurial culture in general as well as training and technical assistance in all business settings.

St Laurentius

St Laurentius is a Top Management Advisory firm specializing in Economic and Business Intelligence, whose original mission was to offer innovative and customized outsourcing solutions, support and management consultancy for professionals (accountants, notaries, lawyers), medium-large enterprises operating in manufacturing, trade, services as well as providing banking, financial and insurance intermediary services for small and medium sized companies.

To learn more, visit: www.stlaurentius.it

Ergo s.r.l.

Ergo is a consolidated international reality operating throughout the Headquarters in Pisa (Italy) and with the partner Ergo Iberia based in Barcelona Spain. Ergo bases its know-how on a network of legal-financial and technical-scientific expertise developed within the scope of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa, capable of providing qualified interdisciplinary services to deal with the complex issues of sustainability.

The company was founded in late 2006 on the initiative of four university professors and four researchers from the Sant’Anna School of Pisa with more than ten years’ experience in the field of environmental management and support to public administration to implement Environmental and Safety Management Systems, the promotion of Product and Manufacturing Standards, Territorial and Environmental Marketing and Energy Planning.